Famous Sandwich restaurants for you!

The United States is a home for a variety of fast foods, especially sandwiches! Is there anyone without loving sandwiches?

Well, because people are very much fond of them, a lot of sandwich chains have been opened across the country. Every sandwich chain in the United States compete with the other and there’s at least one unique sandwich in each of them.

Below are some of the famous sandwich restaurants that you must try. All of them have a mind blowing menu with several specialty dishes. Check them out! 


Blimpie is one of the top sandwich chains founded in New York City in 1964. The restaurant is famous for its cold deli-style subs, hot and juicy subs, and tasty pressed paninis.

The paninis are people’s favorite because you may get them on either pretzel bread or the more conventional ciabatta bread.

One of the best things to order at Blimpie is the buffalo chicken sandwich on pretzel bread. It includes provolone, tomatoes, onions, and chicken breasts.

You also receive ranch and Frank’s RedHot chili sauce, two of the great dressings. 


Potbelly is an Illinois-based chain well known for delectable sandwiches. The beloved favorite Potbelly Sandwich Shop opened its doors in 1977 in Chicago. 

Additionally, you can anticipate the same local sub shop atmosphere everywhere, regardless of a store’s location.

Customers of Potbelly Sandwich Shop remain faithful to their Chicago heritage by frequently choosing the meat-centric menu items over the more healthful options (which the shop also has). 

Along with the Italian, Potbelly’s A Wreck sandwich is their best-selling item. The chain’s unique hot pepper blend, however, may be its most enduring claim to fame.

Click here for potbelly menu


The homemade soups of Cafe Zupas, which incorporate recipes from kitchens all around the world, are well-known. Even the sauces and garnishes are produced from scratch for the soups, salads, and sandwiches. Yucatan chicken tortilla, Wisconsin cheese cauliflower, Thai lobster curry, Tuscan white bean & vegetable, wild mushroom soup, shrimp, sausage gumbo, and more are among the dishes available.

Link to Zupas here

Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger was started in London in 1986 and soon it became famous and one among the best sandwich chains in the United States.

Today there are over 80 Pret A Manger locations in America out of which 60 are in New York. Though there are a tonne of sandwich shops to pick from, Pret a Manger isn’t a bad alternative due to its dependability, consistency, and simplicity.

When you are feeling hungry, one of their larger baguette sandwiches or a chicken salad and avocado sandwich is something you should look for as they’re very filling & tasty.

With Pret’s Famous Ham and Cheese Baguette, you can’t go wrong because it is simple but employs premium ingredients and always tastes delicious and fresh. Similarly there are many more yummy sandwiches on Pret A Manger. Head over there to taste them!

Which Wich

Which Wich was started in 2003 by Jeff Sinelli in Dallas, Texas. And of course it is the sandwich chain which has become very popular in a short span of time.

The most interesting part of Which Wich is the ordering procedure. You get to pick your favorite ingredients and make your own sandwich, but unlike at Subway and other counter-serve eateries, you won’t experience “stage fright” when asked what you want.

Instead, you fill up an order form, marking all of your preferred fixes as you choose.

They provide a wide range of protein bases, including a vegetarian black bean patty, and just about every topping you can imagine!

They have four different kinds of pepper toppings that’s best suited for those who like spicy foods. Visit Which Wich directly to get to know all about their specialty sandwiches.